Kate Bolz ~ U.S. House, District 1

Kate represents South Central Lincoln in Nebraska’s Unicameral Legislature. She was elected by her peers as the vice chair of the Appropriations Committee. She also serves on the Legislature’s Executive Board, Retirement Committee, Economic Development Task Force, Children’s Commission, and Department of Correctional Services Special Investigative Committee. Kate also served as the Executive Director of the Nebraska Association of Service Providers. She is also a Meals on Wheels volunteer and adjunct professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

On healthcare . . .

“I’m going to focus on protecting access to health care coverage for people with preexisting conditions and making healthcare affordable by making sure people have a reasonable public option, if that’s what they choose, but not by forcing Americans onto a government-run program against their will . . . I’ll take on the drug and pharmaceutical companies to lower the costs of prescription drugs.”

On the environment . . .

“Protecting our environment through responsible public policy is vital for public health and safety and is our obligation to generations to come.”

Plans for Economy

“I’ll stand up for farmers, rural communities and businesses across Nebraska impacted by the trade war. We need to get tough on China and it’s not fair to keep asking our farmers to be patient while we all wait on Washington.”

Education Policy

Kate is “promoting excellence in education by ensuring quality teachers, programs for high ability learners and special education students alike, and after-school programs. It’s important that every child and every school is successful.”

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