Patricia Ackerman ~ U.S. House, District 2

Patricia grew up the daughter of refugees who arrived in this country from Ukraine feeling persecution after World War II. Her father nearly starved to death in a concentration camp, while her mother was forced slave labor at a Nazi farm, where she peeled potatoes.

Patricia was able to witness all this country gave her family. Life was far from perfect, however. Living through war, her parents were war-scarred and suffered trauma. Domestic violence and patriarchy plagued her home. At the age of 15, the same age her mother was enslaved by the Nazi government, she fled home to chart her own path. Because she had no fixed residence, no school district would enroll her. She enrolled in community college and received her GED before her graduating class received their diplomas. By age 21, Patricia had started her first successful small business in interior landscape design.

In 2007, Patricia became her mother's primary caregiver. Toward the end of her life, they could not find a doctor in their rural community who would accept a new medicare patient. After Patricia was able to convince her own primary care doctor to take her mother on, it would still be weeks until an appointment was available. The day before her mother's appointment, the doctor's office called to confirm. "She won't be coming", Patricia said. "She died in my arms last night."

Patricia's biggest objective as a Congresswoman will be helping create a universal health care system that all Nevadans and Americans can be happy with.

On healthcare . . .

On her campaign website, Patricia explains that while in Congress, she "will vote for funding of rural clinics and the broadband/ highspeed internet necessary to bring telemedicine to rural areas. In 2019, our current Congressman voted against a spending bill that funds the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Programs. This is just one of several critical votes where he hindered improving life for our rurals areas.

On the environment . . .

Patricia agrees with "the best of science around the world . . . climate change is our number one threat." "We have very little time to make dramatic changes from fossil fuels to sustainable, clean and renewable energy sources."

"Solar power is not the future – it’s the now. A minimum of 8,000 new, stable jobs will be created once we commit to renewables. These are jobs that can’t be outsourced overseas, will release us from the chains that bind us to fossil fuels that give foreign countries leverage over us. It will reduce air, water and land pollution.

Plans for Economy

Patricia understands that Nevada needs a leader who will shift "the system toward economic balance through a living wage that is finally brought up to modern times (at the current pace with inflation, it should be no less than $12 an hour. This is a fundamental reason why income inequality is the worst it’s been in eighty years. I fully support transitioning within the next two years to $15 per hour."

Education Policy

Patricia knows that "to compete in this world and be the leaders, we must re-evaluate the priorities of our education system. Nevada was ranked next to last in the nation in 2019."
She will fight for: "debt-free community colleges & trade schools. Our kids and young adults are drowning in unprecedented college loan debt. The American dream just isn’t possible with this yoke around their necks."

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