Jeanne Shaheen ~ U.S. Senator

Jeanne Shaheen holds the distinction of being the first American woman to have held both a governor’s seat (1997-2003) and a senator’s seat (2008-present) in her political career.
As governor, Shaheen made substantial inroads on a number of progressive issues, such as expanding public kindergarten and improving access to affordable healthcare for thousands of New Hampshire children, repealing the law that made abortion a felony and signing legislation that required companies to cover birth control. She also championed consumers and small businesses against big utility companies and balanced the state budget.
As senator, Jeanne makes bipartisan efforts to protect and fund existing jobs while also working to fund new business, infrastructure, and opioid relief endeavors. She also serves on the Armed Services Committee and as the only woman on the Foreign Relations Committee, making her an effective advocate for our veterans as well as a “leading voice on national security matters [and] a global leader for women’s rights…”

On healthcare . . .

Jeanne leads bipartisan efforts to protect existing healthcare protections for Granite Staters and is a leader in the coalition working tirelessly to continue to expand the Affordable Care Act. “She is also one of the Senate’s most vocal opponents of Trump’s short-term “junk” health care plans, which would allow health insurers to potentially discriminate against the 570,000 Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions, including those with cancer, asthma and diabetes, and take coverage from those seeking treatment of opioid addiction.”

On the environment . . .

“Jeanne knows climate change is a real, existential threat to [New Hampshire] and our world…[she] is a leader advancing legislation in Congress to direct the Trump administration to meet the standards set by the Paris Climate accord.” Additionally, Jeanne leads bipartisan conservation, clean energy, and energy efficient initiatives in the Senate.

Plans for the economy

Jeanne is a “strong proponent of union rights, paid family and medical leave, and an increased federal minimum wage.” As governor, she helped New Hampshire businesses create over 66,000 jobs and “personally lead overseas trade missions to bring more investment and jobs to the state.” As Senator, Jeanne has worked to connect workers with good-paying jobs through investments in technical and vocational training and apprenticeship programs.

Education Policy

Jeanne is a former high school teacher who “believes that education is the key to a good job and financial security.” Throughout her time as Governor and now Senator of the Granite State, Jeanne has consistently focused on advancing legislation that expands access to early childcare services and protects students with student loans; she currently sponsors legislation that ensures easy access to loan information, lower refinancing rates, and strengthens the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

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