Amy Kennedy ~ U.S. House, District 2

Amy Kennedy is a native of South Jersey, and a former public school teacher. She works as an educator and mental health advocate, particularly for young children and adolescents. She works as the Education Director of the Kennedy Forum, and serves on the boards of Mental Health America, a leading national advocacy organization and, which promotes gender parity at the highest levels of business. She has five children, and is married to former Congressman Patrick Kennedy. Amy’s core issues are addiction and mental health, preserving and protecting the Jersey Shore, and creating good jobs in South Jersey.

On healthcare . . .

Amy’s longtime service in the mental health sector makes this issue core to her candidacy. She believes that healthcare is a human right and that everyone must have access to it. She advocates for “Medicare for all who want it,” (a public option) and expanding and improving the Affordable Care Act. Importantly, Amy wants to lower the cost of healthcare overall by curbing prescription drug prices and holding health insurance companies accountable. She has plans to improve healthcare outcomes in underserved and minority communities with investments in prevention and treatment.

On the environment . . .

Protecting and preserving the South Jersey coastline and Jersey Shore is one of the most important issues Amy is running on. She recognizes that climate change is an existential threat to her district, and wants to invest in infrastructure that will protect the coast, reinstate the environmental policies that the Trump administration has rolled back, and accelerate the necessary transition to clean and carbon-neutral energy. She has committed to blocking any drilling off the New Jersey coast, and wants to make agriculture in New Jersey more sustainable.

Plans for Economy

Amy’s policies on the economy and infrastructure speak for themselves: “By investing in infrastructure, we can attract more businesses while supporting good-paying construction jobs. By investing in public education and job training, we strengthen our communities while educating our future workforce. And by reversing President Trump’s erratic trade policies, we can open and expand markets for manufacturers, farmers, and producers across our state.” Amy also wants to reverse the devastating trend of increasing taxes on the middle class and reducing them on corporations.

Education Policy

Amy’s background and passion is in education, specifically for children and adolescents. She was a public school teacher for more than a decade, and wants to “increase teacher pay, reduce class sizes, improve school infrastructure, and make free preschool available to every child in America.” She wants to make college affordable and address the student debt crisis. She believes that improving access to education is tied to better outcomes for every issue, and wants to expand those opportunities.

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