Teresa Leger Fernandez~ U.S. House, District 3

Teresa Leger Fernandez

Teresa Leger Fernandez graduated from Yale University and Stanford Law School. She "worked for 30 years as counsel for tribes and their business entities, as well as with community leaders on affordable housing, Hispanic civil rights and community development." Important cases include: the protection of voting rights claims in gerrymandered districts in 2001 and 2011; directing over $900 million in financing and federal grants to fund essential programs, including health clinics; and defeating a developer’s attempt to take the acequias’ water out of our valley. Due to her experience and dedication, she received appointments from both President Clinton and President Obama.

On healthcare . . .

Teresa promises that if elected, she "will fight for Medicare for All and work to ensure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care." She wants drug prices to be negotiable, and those in New Mexico will not be discriminated against due to pre-existing conditions. For her, a personal mission is the building of rural health clinics to increase access for patients.

On the environment . . .

On her campaign website, Teresa writes, "Here in New Mexico, we know how important the land is to who we are as a people. And we know that climate change is an existential crisis. We must reduce carbon pollution, rejoin the Paris Agreement, and invest in renewable energy resources like wind and solar, as well as clean energy tax incentives."

Plans for Economy

She believes "Congress has an obligation to promote economic growth and stability, and address our unjust income inequality. [She] fully supports raising the federal minimum wage". She wants to protect Medicare and Social Security and sees it as "unacceptable that women make less than their male counterparts doing comparable work."

Education Policy

Teresa sees the importance of early education programs, such as Head Start. She believes that the "federal government should be leading the way to make sure that all children are given the chance to learn, and a safe, healthy environment to grow in". She supports "the concept of eliminating undergraduate tuition at public colleges and universities for most students".

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