Xochitl Torres Small ~ U.S. House, District 2

Xochitl Torres Small

Xochitl is the incumbent candidate for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, the fifth largest district in the country. Republicans are working tirelessly to reclaim this seat, which they thought was safely Red until Xochitl flipped it Blue in 2018. Xochitl Torres Small grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her grandmother immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico, and her parents — a teacher and a social worker — showed her the importance of helping others in their community. Xochitl graduated from Georgetown University and returned to New Mexico to support her community, working to increase cell service and other communication lines in her rural area. Xochitl is a lawyer who fights to protect New Mexico’s water for farmers by working alongside farmers, local governments, and conservationists.

On healthcare . . .

“Everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care. I’m fed up with politicians in Washington playing games with our health care. I’ll always put southern New Mexicans first — that means taking on the pharmaceutical companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs, standing up for our veterans by working to fix the VA, and protecting and strengthening Medicare. In Congress, I’ll work across party lines to expand rural health care access by providing incentives for medical professionals to serve our rural communities.”

On the environment . . .

While serving in Congress, Torres Small introduced legislation to invest in water infrastructure, and provide funding and research to help the West grapple with increasing water scarcity as climate change worsens. Torres Small stated, “Water is life, and few places have felt the impact of its scarcity like New Mexico. The future of our state and the rest of the West depends on communities and industries’ ability to adapt in the face of a dwindling water supply. Smart investments in water management will ensure that our way of life, economy, and environment are preserved for generations to come.”

Plans for Economy

“We need to create an economic foundation that gives everyone a fair shot at the American Dream. In Congress, I will fight for living wages for hard working New Mexicans and work with stakeholders to provide incentives to attract businesses that offer good-paying jobs. I’ll support investment in 21st century infrastructure, from safe roads to broadband and cell phone service. And I’ll continue to fight for funding for workforce training and development programs that connect K-12 students to local universities, education programs, and local businesses to prepare New Mexico’s students for the jobs of the future, right here at home.”

Education Policy

“Quality education will allow us to break the cycle of poverty and enhance our communities. As a product of Las Cruces Public Schools and the daughter of a teacher and National Education Association member, I will be a strong advocate for public education and will fight to ensure that every student—regardless of income, location, or background—has access to an excellent education.” Xochitl pledges to fight for better pay for New Mexico’s teachers, reduced class sizes, universal pre-K, and investment in early childhood education.

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