Dana Balter ~ U.S. House, District 24

Dana Balter

"Dana Balter knows the importance of making sure everyone in our society has a fair shot at success." "Her commitment to fighting for the underdog drove her to a career in disability services, where she began as a teacher and soon became the director of education for a disability services nonprofit." "She went on to teach at the university level, most recently teaching public policy and citizenship."

On healthcare . . .

On her campaign website, Dana writes that "healthcare is a fundamental human right. No one should have to choose between buying food or buying medicine or between taking their child to the doctor or paying the electric bill. Yet many of us are forced to make those choices every day. We must ensure that every American has both affordable insurance coverage and access to high quality healthcare."

On the environment . . .

Dana believes that the "environment is facing unprecedented dangers from the climate crisis. More than ever, we need to continue the central and western New York tradition of protecting and preserving our land, water, and air."

Plans for Economy

Dana writes that "our economy works very well for a select few in this country. While corporations see record profits and CEOs make tens of millions of dollars a year, everyday Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Too many central and western New Yorkers work too many hours for too little money. It’s time to build an economy that works for everyone with better-paying jobs, long-term economic growth, and a fair tax system."

Education Policy

Dana beleives that "education is the cornerstone of democracy. Our public school system is under assault; Donald Trump’s Department of Education is trying to privatize it. We cannot allow that to happen. Providing quality education is one of the government’s most important obligations to the people."

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