Evelyn Farkas ~ U.S. House, District 17

Evelyn Farkas

Evelyn "has dedicated her life to public service—strengthening America’s national security and defending democracy." "For nearly three decades, Evelyn has represented our country advancing human rights, fighting terrorism, defending democracy, and working towards nuclear non-proliferation." "advised former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her time as a U.S. Senator, former Defense Secretaries Leon Panetta, Ash Carter, and Chuck Hagel, Senator Carl Levin, and many others."

On healthcare . . .

Evelyn believes "I believe that a public insurance option, available to all Americans regardless of income or employment, is the most practical and efficient way to reform our system. A public option would make coverage available to the 27 million Americans currently uninsured . . ."

On the environment . . .

On her website, Evelyn writes "Throughout my career it has been clear that environmental sustainability and national security are inseparable. Unfortunately, too many lawmakers look at climate change as simply an “environmental issue.” It’s not. It is a social justice issue, an economic issue, a public health issue, and a national and global security crisis. I am eager to bring this perspective to Washington."

Plans for Economy

Evelyn sees that "we must ensure wages are high enough to support a family. We must support the rights of workers to organize and advocate for their rights. And we must ensure that people are healthy and educated enough to take advantage of our dynamic economy."

Education Policy

"Public education in America warrants greater federal support. We need to take a hard look at what has worked, and what hasn’t, with education reform—and apply that knowledge at scale. Evelyn "support[s] effective oversight, accountability, and federal investment for existing public school systems as the best way to provide the accessible and high-quality education America deserves."

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