Grace Meng ~ U.S. House, District 6

Grace Meng

Grace Meng is the current representative of New York’s 6th Congressional District and in February of 2017, was elected Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Grace is the daughter of immigrants and the mother of two young children and is working towards making sure that working and middle-class families such as her own have access to affordable healthcare, good jobs, and schools safe from the threat of gun violence. Grace is in her third term of Congress and has been ranked the 8th most-effective legislator in the Democratic Party according to the Center for Effective Lawmaking and serves as Chair of ASPIRE PAC through which she supports Asian American voices and ensures their role in the democratic process.

On healthcare . . .

Grace believes that all Americans should have access to health care and to trust that when they need coverage, they will not pay outrageous amounts for life-saving medications. Grace is a founding member of the Medicare for All Congressional Caucus, which is a congressional caucus consisting of members that advocate for the implementation of a single-payer healthcare system. She is also a cosponsor of the Medicare for All Act of 2019, which would expand Medicare to ensure that every American has access to health care, reduce spending, and improve patient care.

On the environment . . .

Grace believes that climate disaster is the number one threat to humankind, and given that we are already seeing the effects of climate change, that it is our duty to take action. Grace is a firm believer of the Green New Deal, which she believes helps intersect addressing environmental issues as well as infrastructure, jobs, and housing issues.

Plans for Economy

As the daughter of two American immigrants and small business owners, Grace understands the crucial role that small business owners play in sustaining our economy, which is why she helped fund a a Small Business Development Center in Queens. Grace is also a strong supporter of labor unions. She believes that they are the best way to rebuild the middle class, and they organize and collectively bargain for the workers that they represent to help secure better wages, working conditions, and worker protections.

Education Policy

Grace believes that education is a human right and that every individual should have access to quality, affordable education. As a graduate of a public university and as a mother with two children in the public school system, Grace understands the importance of affordable primary and higher education. Grace has fought to secure the strongest possible funding for public education, as well as advocate for policies which address the student loan crisis, address college affordability, and support college-to-career programs. She is also a leader in creating FAFSA applications that are accessible to non-English speakers.

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