Kathleen Rice ~ U.S. House, District 4

Kathleen Rice

Congresswoman Kathleen Rice has represented New York's fourth congressional district since she was first elected in 2014. Kathleen has served as a member of the Homeland Security Committee and the top Democrat on the Transportation Security Subcommittee, where she passed legislation to improve airport security screening within her first year of being in Congress. She is also a member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, where she has authored bipartisan legislation to boost rates of veteran employment, which passed unanimously in the House in 2015 and again in 2017. Prior to Congress, Kathleen the first woman elected DA in Long Island history, defeating a 31-year old incumbent in 2005.

On healthcare . . .

Kathleen is passionate about promoting equality in healthcare and will strive to ensure that health care and reproductive rights are accessible for all women. She has spoken out against anti-abortion laws and will continue to fight to ensure that there is access to any and all reproductive health care. She also recognizes that women have always had to pay more for health care and will fight to ensure that organizations such as Planned Parenthood get the funding they need.

On the environment . . .

On the League of Conservation Voters website, "Since being elected in 2014, Rice has co-sponsored numerous environmental legislations in an effort to proactively address the effects of climate change and pollution being experienced within her district and beyond. [Kathleen] received a 93% on the 2019 National Environmental Scorecard. From the endorsement questionnaire, Rice has committed to 'protecting our environment has and will continue to be one of my top priorities in Congress.'”

Plans for Economy

Economy and Infrastructure
Kathleen believes that despite significant growth since the recession, that many people are seeing little to no wage growth while costs of living keep rising. Kathleen believes that small businesses are the backbone of job growth and economic development in communities across her district and will continue to support small business growth and stability. Kathleen will also fight for infrastructure investments that will pay equitable wage, promote greater efficiency and long-term growth, support American manufacturing, and boost exports of American-made goods to international customers.

Education Policy

Kathleen understands the extremity of the student loan crisis, and will work to fight against this issue and protect students. She firmly believes that easing the student loan debt burden will spur economic growth and give the next generation greater opportunity to make the American Dream a reality. Kathleen introduced the Students and Families Empowerment Act, a bill that would help ease student loan debt for graduates and their families by removing the cap on tax deductions for student loan interest, eliminate the income limit on student loan interest deductions, and extend from 6 months to 12 months the grace period for recent graduates before they must begin to repay their loans.

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