Nancy Goroff ~ U.S. House, District 1

Nancy Goroff

Nancy Goroff lives and works in Suffolk, New York. At Stony Brook University, she has served as Associate Provost, Interim Dean of the Graduate School, and most recently Chair of the Chemistry Department. While Goroff was chair, she worked to fight climate change by bringing in more than $22 million from the US Department of Energy to fund two Energy Frontier Research Centers to develop new batteries for energy storage. She developed Entrepreneurship programs at Stony Brook by establishing a program and space called iCreate, which provides students with the tools to build, innovate, and redefine technological boundaries in order to create good-paying jobs.

On healthcare . . .

Nancy will fight for high-quality and affordable healthcare and will fight to lower the minimum age for Medicare. In her time at Stony Brook University, Nancy pushed the university towards providing health care insurance to Uninsured university researchers. In Congress, she will fight for lower costs and greater accessibility to healthcare for all.

On the environment . . .

As a scientist, Nancy is extremely passionate about the environment and the ever-growing issue of climate change. She believes that in order to combat these issues, that we must be ambitious by setting goals such as making the United States carbon neutral by 2035. To help reach those goals, Nancy believes that we must begin to use existing technologies in renewable energy, clean vehicles, and ultra efficient buildings nationwide, as well as invest time and money in research on potential energy solutions.

Plans for Economy

Education Policy

Nancy firmly believes in addressing the national student loan debt crisis. She believes that the ever-rising cost of tuition and the lack of support for students pursuing a four-year degree, a technical education, or any other secondary education is a growing issue that must be addressed. She vows to provide programs to support college students and uphold universities to standards to qualify to participate in federal student-loan programs. She also believes that programs to support graduates who enter public service must be protected and strengthened.

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