Tedra Cobb ~ U.S. House, District 21

Tedra Cobb

Tedra Cobb has lived in Northern New York for over 30 years. After graduating from SUNY Potsdam in 1989, she worked at Riverview Correctional Facility as a Spanish-speaking corrections counselor and became a volunteer firefighter. In 1999, she started a community health agency to provide access to critical health screenings and treatment. In 2002, Tedra won her first of two terms on the St. Lawrence County Legislature.

On healthcare . . .

"Tedra is committed to enacting healthcare solutions that work for her constituents and leveraging the expertise of local hospital and medical professionals."

On the environment . . .

Tedra believes that "protecting the environment is essential for our planet, our region, our health and our economy."

Plans for Economy

On her campaign website, Tedra writes that she "fully understands what it takes to grow a small businesses— and what obstacles need to be overcome."

Education Policy

"Tedra knows that schools matter. Ensuring that Northern New Yorkers have access to high-caliber schools from cradle to career will lead to a better quality of life, greater employment opportunities, and improved job and population retention across the region."

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