Tracy Mitrano ~ US House, District 23

Tracy Mitrano

Tracy Mitrano is a first generation college student born and raised in Rochester, NY. Tracy has served her community in Rochester as a member of the town planning board and has served the state of NY as an assigned counsel attorney. Reading her policy positions, it's apparent that Tracy views her service to New York as a labor of love.

On healthcare . . .

Tracy supports "all policies that increase the number of people able to access affordable, high quality health insurance." "One type of Medicaid reform that I do support is converting the free/fee structure of these programs from a ‘cliff’ to a ‘sliding scale’ so that a parent does not have to choose between working and getting healthcare for their kids."

On the environment . . .

On her campaign website, Tracy wrote, "It is out of individual, social and economic interests and, for some, a moral obligation to protect our natural environment. We must support organizations and agencies that monitor water quality as that can affect both fish species, plants, and harmful algae blooms (HABs) that grow in our lakes and rivers. We need federal organizations like the USDA and EPA as well as local groups, such as Cooperative Extensions to help us connect the dots between the lake and river health, extreme weather events, and human activities."

Plans for Economy

Working toward economic prosperity, Tracy wants to see "high speed internet access in our downtowns", "transportation systems [need to] support working class people and their families getting to work and school easily and quickly", "expanding the H2A visas", and lastly, protecting natural resources.

Education Policy

Regarding education, Tracy believes, "We must strengthen our public schools. Federal/state/local funds are needed to level the playing field, beginning with making sure that all of our schools have good teachers. Let’s pay teachers what they deserve. Competitive wages reflect the incredibly important work that they do, and we want to keep talented teachers in the classroom."

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