Yvette Clarke ~ U.S. House, District 9

Yvette Clarke

Yvette Clarke is the current Congresswoman for Brooklyn’s 9th Congressional District, the same area where she was born and raised. She is the proud daughter of Jamaican immigrants and serves as the co-chair of the Congressional Caribbean Caucus where she works to foster relationships between the United States and the Caribbean Community. In 2019, she introduced legislation that would give 2.5 million DREAMers temporary protected status and deferred enforcement departure recipients a clear pathway to citizenship. Prior to being elected to the United States House of Representatives, Yvette served on New York’s City Council, representing the 40th District, following in the footsteps of her mother.

On healthcare . . .

Congresswoman Clarke is a strong supporter of Medicare for All and fought tirelessly against the repeal of the ACA. Yvette firmly believes that healthcare should be a right for all Americans, not just a privilege for those who are able to afford it. She also created a resolution that would add Black Women’s Health Week to the list of national health observances in an effort to show the disparities that black women routinely experience across mortality rates post-childbirth and more.

On the environment . . .

Yvette worked extensively to help repair the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, where NY-9 was hit hard on its southern most border. Backed up by science, she believes that climate change worsened the storm’s impact, which is partially why she is a firm supporter of the Green New Deal. Yvette also introduced the FEMA Climate Change Preparedness Act which would require FEMA to factor climate change into all its official policies.

Plans for Economy

Yvette has worked hard to make sure that Brooklyn remains affordable for everyday working and low-income families and community members. In 2019, she introduced the Affordable Housing and Area Median Income Fairness Act, which aims to cut rents in subsidized developments in the five boroughs by more than a third. She is also a cosponsor of the Public Housing Emergency Response Act, which aims to assign funds to reinvest in public housing and ensure that all Americans have a livable home environment.

Education Policy

On Yvette's Congressional page, she is quoted as saying, “Our community colleges are a critical part of our system of education, allowing students to access technical training for a career or prepare to continue their studies at a four-year college. But many students in college lack the resources to complete their education, leaving college with debt and without a degree. Students are often forced to drop out because of the cost of transportation or childcare or because their coursework does not fulfill the requirements for a major. We need to eliminate these barriers to success. . . With the Community College Student Success Act, student across the United States will have an opportunity to access the resources required to complete their chosen program and fully participate in the workforce.”

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