Shelley Lenz ~ Governor

Dr. Shelley Lenz is a veterinarian, businesswoman, and humanitarian. Dr. Shelley runs economic development programs and is focused on financial independence of individuals and businesses, agricultural soil independence and soil health, and community efforts that work to improve people’s lives.

On healthcare . . .

Lenz believes that "access to affordable quality healthcare is central to the success of an individual, a family and a community. In addition, preventative care including nutrition, dentistry, vision, mental health, pre-natal care and annual health checks, has the best return on investment to decrease health costs and improve quality of life. All across North Dakota, especially in our rural communities, our health systems are very fragile. We must do better.”

On the environment . . .

Dr. Shelley is an advocate for animal agriculture and its impact on food security and soil regeneration, helping balance energy production and the environment.

Plans for Economy

“A challenge for North Dakota is that our top two economic drivers, energy and agriculture, are constantly being impacted by outside influences, both natural and man-made. It is time for North Dakota to truly invest in the North Dakotan people and the infrastructure that leads to economic diversification, local opportunities, and stable workforce so that communities can shape their future with stable jobs, business, and quality of life.”

Education Policy

“Funding for public education is a primary responsibility of the state government. It is the foundation for thriving communities - we need to make sure we are making the best investment to serve all students.”

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