Jaime Castle ~ U.S. House, District 2

Jaime Castle is possibly the furthest from a career politician a person can be. In the “Meet Jaime” section of her website, which reads like an open letter to the public, Jaime gives an impassioned speech as to why she decided to run for public office. Jaime, a teacher and small business owner, brings a humble but important offering to this congressional race: a sense of genuine desire to serve the constituents of OH-2.
With roots on both the East and West sides of the district, Jaime’s work as a teacher, president of the PTO, and entrepreneurial experience make her well-equipped to advocate for Ohioans, particularly for much needed and creative reforms in education.

On healthcare . . .

“I will work tirelessly…to build the bridge to the future where universal coverage is the standard for care.
While we build to this future, we must not forget the struggles of those in rural communities… [we also] have to address the hidden suffering of individuals who need mental health services. It is crucial that we provide a safe environment for those citizens…”

On the environment . . .

“In addition to ensuring our air and water is clean and safe, we can improve our economy with the right legislation. By utilizing the latest technology in energy production, we can make Ohio’s second district a hub for energy innovation [and job creation]. We can achieve this by shifting existing tax breaks away from the largest polluters and direct those funds into new innovative technologies.”

Plans for Economy

“The government can [encourage] entrepreneurship by adjusting zoning codes (working with the local communities), [design] walkable business districts, [simplify] local regulations for start-ups, and [offer] resources to help businesses grow…
For far too long blue-collar work has been stigmatized and underpaid. We need to invest in job training programs to increase our workers’ skills and abilities. We also need to support workers’ ability to organize and bargain collectively in a global economy.”

Education Policy

Jaime is an avid supporter of student loan reform: “The costs of higher education have been rising at a far higher rate than homes, utilities and even healthcare….
Students must be allowed to refinance their existing loans to receive the same low interest rates that the biggest banks do when borrowing money. Corporations that benefit from an educated workforce should chip in more to both college and vocational education.
The existing public service loan repayment program must be [reformed]… It is shameful that currently under one percent of applicants in this program are ultimately granted relief.”

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