Shannon Freshour ~ U.S. House, District 4

Shannon is the daughter of a hardworking single mom who can speak firsthand to the importance of issues such as accessibility of childcare and investment in education because she’s lived it. As a child, Shannon was one of the first Head Start kids in Ohio, a federally funded school readiness program that provides resources for eligible children and families with children from prenatal up to five years of age.
Before running for Congress, Shannon worked as a litigation paralegal. She was accepted to and has postponed entry to a PhD program in transnational organized crime and justice policy.

On healthcare . . .

In Congress, Shannon will fight to protect the ACA, to include a public option, to sponsor legislation aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs, to incorporate mental health into healthcare coverage, to continue funding Medicare and Medicaid, to combat racism and legislation against legalized discrimination in healthcare of the LGBTQ+ community, and to protect every woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, as well as to protect the doctors they work with.

On the environment . . .

“We have some of the best research facilities and universities in the world. They should be leading the way to save the planet by developing new technologies which can and will be manufactured in Ohio. This will bring high quality, new union-based jobs to our state.
Ohio farmers suffer some of the worst damage with the climate crisis. Shannon [supports] Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan’s restorative farming plan [to ensure federal protection for our farmers].”

Plans for Economy

“Fighting for the middle-class means repealing the Trump tax scam, removing tariffs on Ohio farmers, cutting taxes for the middle-class, and investing in infrastructure, economic development, planning for effects of automation, and green jobs.” Shannon will also work to protect current union workers as well as employees’ right to organize.

Education Policy

Shannon learned to count while helping her single mother add up her waitressing tips from the night before. Although her mom worked multiple jobs and was often exhausted, she also made time to ensure that Shannon got off on the right start, enrolling her daughter in Head Start. Today, Shannon credits this single decision as the “single most important aspect of her education.” She’s committed to creating universal pre-k, protecting public schools, and expanding access to higher education, trade, and technical job training.

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