Shawna Roberts ~ U.S. House, District 6

“I have lived in this district for over 16 years, and raised my five children here. We own a small property in Belmont County. My husband and I owned a commercial beekeeping business for 15 years, until the great recession of 2009. I have worked in offices, in agriculture and small business, and in food service. My husband is a truck driver. My sister is in IBEW, and my brother is a teamster. I know what it’s like to work hard and to struggle. I believe that if working folks get a fair shake, we can achieve anything.
I believe that this region has been ignored by the current representative…[As] a mom…I am used to considering the needs of other people and figuring out how to meet those needs on a limited budget. I think it’s time that we had someone in Washington with those skills.” (Source: The Daily Sentinel)

On healthcare . . .

“Ohio has an opioid crisis and this area in particular has a serious problem. We need affordable health care, she said. “Approximately 23 percent of the district is on Medicaid and some 38 percent of the district is on Social Security of Medicare. I have a friend who is now legally blind because she did not receive proper treatment for diabetes. Cutting funding for health care is not wise. (Source: The Intelligencer.)

On the environment . . .

Supports government funding for the development of renewable energy, as well as federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. (Source:

Plans for Economy

“…access to the Internet is essential to keep rural areas from falling behind, according to Roberts.
‘We need access to broadband to be available for everyone. In the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the rural electrification campaign to bring electricity to the nation. We need the same type of campaign for broadband,” she said. (Source: Interview with The Intelligencer.)

Education Policy

Supports requiring states to adopt federal education standards. (Source:

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