Vanessa Enoch ~ U.S. House, District 8

Dr. Enoch is a devout Christian who firmly believes in the separation of church and state. Widowed as a young mother, Dr. Enoch has worked extraordinarily hard and amassed a breathtaking amount of accomplishments to date. “For over 20 years, Dr. Enoch has been leading local efforts to drive change in local communities. Most recently, she has worked alongside state legislators and state court judges to ensure fairness within the criminal justice system and the jury selection process. Enoch is concerned that Ohio’s prisons are filled with individuals who are poor, mentally ill, and disproportionately from minority communities. Not only is this a social justice issue, but also has a direct impact on how taxpayers’ dollars are spent.”

On healthcare . . .

“Healthcare costs are outrageous. It is a travesty to go to work every day and pay insurance premiums every month, and to be prevented from going to the doctor due to high deductibles. The cost of health care is rising faster than the cost of inflation, and the managed care system has gotten between the patient and his or her physician.”

On the environment . . .

Plans for Economy

We must generate employment opportunities in areas that are in demand now, and that will be in demand in the future. We need jobs. Access to training and education to ensure our workers are qualified for the future and the coming challenges to our country’s workforce.

Education Policy

Dr. Enoch has attended both Catholic and private schools. For religious reasons, she sent her own daughters to private Christian schools, however, there were still times when money was tight and public school was the only option for her girls, for which Dr. Enoch will always be grateful. As a graduate of a public school, Dr. Enoch believes in championing public schools because she’s experienced firsthand the importance of federally funded and prioritized public institutions.

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