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An award-winning investigative journalist and attorney and Oklahoma native, Abby holds the lifelong mission of fighting to ensure people’s voices are heard. Abby began working as a journalist at age 20 and spent the majority of her TV career at the NBC affiliate of Oklahoma City, striving to represent the stories of Oklahomans with accuracy and earn the trust of her community. Over the course of her TV career, she uncovered political corruption and exposed sexual harassment scandals. In order to further her career as an advocate, she earned a law degree and opened her own law practice. She is running for Senate with the hopes of bringing people together across party lines to ensure a better life for Oklahoma families.

On healthcare . . .

“Abby believes that every Oklahoman should have access to quality, affordable care, regardless of their circumstances… Abby supports the expansion of Medicaid so that everyone has access to an affordable and comprehensive option… Better access to health care through Medicaid expansion will reduce the burden of uncovered care for our rural hospitals, but Abby isn’t going to stop there. She will fight for increased Medicaid reimbursement rates for providers in rural areas and for the expansion of existing incentive programs to attract and encourage health care professionals to work in rural communities.” “Abby will work to ensure that the practice of medicine is left to licensed health professionals, not elected officials.”

On the environment . . .

“Abby believes we should direct our efforts toward concrete steps to reverse climate change while at the same time protecting our jobs and our way of life. These steps include increasing the ability to use electric vehicles by investing in more EV charging stations which could remove 11 gigatons of carbon dioxide by 2050, promoting smart thermostats and LED lighting for homes and offices to reduce greenhouse gases, and encouraging landscape designers to not skimp and instead plant coverage on unusable land to reduce atmospheric CO2.”

Plans for Economy

“Oklahoma is known for our history of oil and gas, but Oklahomans know our economy is driven by agriculture—cattle and calves, hogs, broilers, wheat, and dairy are essential… Abby will stand up for our farmers by acknowledging farm debt as an immediate threat to our national security.” “She supports the Paycheck Fairness Act, which seeks to close the gender pay gap in part by preventing employers from retaliating against workers who discuss salary.”

Education Policy

Broyles believes the Senate can help Oklahoma’s teachers by passing a key provision in the HEROES Act. In an interview with, she stated that "If the Senate won’t pass a comprehensive stimulus package, there must be action taken to fund PPE for Oklahoma teachers returning to the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic."

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