Kendra Horn ~ U.S. House, District 5

A fifth generation Oklahoman, Kendra values service to her community and the representation of women in leadership roles. As an attorney, Kendra has taken on various professional roles in both the nonprofit sector and the aerospace industry. She ran two nonprofits focused on developing leadership skills and encouraging women to run for public office. As the representative of Oklahoma’s 5th district, Kendra is focused on ending the partisanship and politics that continue to hurt Oklahoma’s working families.

On healthcare . . .

“We have many opportunities to improve access to health care for Oklahoma families, and we should build upon the gains made by the Affordable Care Act. Congress also needs to ensure both urban and rural communities have access to health care resources, and should invest in community health centers, local clinics, and other mechanisms for delivering health care to different populations.” “Our state has to maintain its autonomy over healthcare spending decisions, but Congress should also work with states to ensure every working family has access to quality, affordable care.” “The cost of prescription drugs is a significant barrier for many people, and I support exploring every solution to lowering prices. From safely importing prescription drugs at a lower cost to holding drug manufacturers accountable for price gouging, we must do things differently.”

On the environment . . .

“Congress should continue to partner with local agriculture organizations to spur economic development in Oklahoma. As your Congressman, I will fight to increase available grants and federal aid for state investment in renewable energy, agriculture, and rural businesses.”

Plans for Economy

“Leaders in Washington should make real investments in middle class families to improve economic opportunities in Oklahoma… We need to close the gap between skills Oklahoma workers have and the skills needed for economy-boosting jobs.” ”Oklahoma workers need to earn a living wage. The federal minimum wage hasn’t been increased in nearly a decade, and workers’ pay is not keeping up with the cost of living. Congress needs to ensure middle class Oklahoma families have the opportunity to succeed, including raising the minimum wage.” “The latest infrastructure proposals burden working families with the cost of these critical investments. Many states have raised gas taxes or turned to toll roads to contribute to infrastructure improvement. Congress needs to work with states to find different sources of revenue to cover our infrastructure needs in both the short and long term.”

Education Policy

“Kendra will work to reduce interest rates on student loans and make college more affordable for all aspiring Oklahoma students. We should also make it easier for families to save for their children’s education free of taxes, including programs like 529 savings plans. In K-12, we need to measure progress, but we’ve taken testing to an extreme. States and the federal government need to get on the same page about testing needs, and then get out of the way of teachers and students.”

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