Zoe Ann Midyett ~ U.S. House, District 3

Born and raised in Tuscon, Arizona, Zoe was a member of 4H and FFA and remains devoted to all things agriculture. She moved to Oklahoma in 1996, where she bought a Feed and Tack store in Oklahoma City. As both a business and tech savvy entrepreneur and a people-person, Zoe loves listening to her customers’ needs and concerns in addition to providing quality goods and service. She spends her days working and interacting with rural Oklahomans, and is passionate about giving them more of a voice in Washington, D.C.. As a hobby rancher, Zoe recognizes the ways in which healthcare and education issues are central to the way of life of ranchers and rural communities.

On healthcare . . .

“Oklahoma is currently facing a crisis of rural hospital closures, and the outbreak of COVID-19 simply puts additional stress on a fragile system. Countless Oklahomans face hours-long drives to hospitals as well as a shortage of primary care doctors. To further complicate this issue, many of our fellow Oklahomans also lack sufficient health insurance.” “Passing SQ 802 allows Oklahoma to accept Medicaid expansion, extending Medicaid health insurance coverage to adults who make up to 133% of the federal poverty level. Expanding this critical program infuses billions of federal dollars into Oklahoma’s economy, and it will help bolster our rural hospitals by decreasing the amount of money they spend on unreimbursed care. With this money, they can improve their resources and improve their workforce.”

On the environment . . .

“First and foremost, I am a strong and passionate supporter of the oil workers, from the well drillers to the supply drivers. There need to be assurances that they are not laid off at the first hint of a market shift.” “Secondly, I think we can all agree that we want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink… Regardless of your belief in concerns over climate change, having a clean pollution free environment benefits each and every American. This leads into alternative energy sources. But before we get there, in the short term, and until America wants to give up their love of flying and driving, oil at its current production levels is here to stay for a while.”

Plans for Economy

"The heart of America is small business. Making them competitive, convenient and economical against large corporations is vital.” “If I'm elected, I will promise transparency and oversight. I will continue to advocate for and propose legislation that will lift up the small business owner. The American people work too hard to be left digging for scraps.”

Education Policy

“If we are to be successful in improving education, we must recognize that it does not itself exist in a bubble. Education is an intersectional issue that touches much of our daily lives. “Each and every student should have a safe place to learn. They should have qualified, well-paid teachers. They should not be hungry. And again, all classrooms, regardless of location should be equally equipped with textbooks and supplies regardless of geographic location.” “Various incentives should be given to teachers to encourage well qualified individuals to teach in rural and poorer communities...Funding must be directed toward small, struggling rural school districts.”

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