Suzanne Bonamici ~ U.S. House, District 1

Bonamici earned her associate degree from Lane Community College. She went on to receive her B.A. and J.D. from the University of Oregon.[1] She is a former legislative assistant for the Oregon State House of Representatives. She has also worked as attorney/legal assistant for Lane County Legal Aid Service and as a consumer protection attorney. She began her political career as a member of the Oregon House of Representatives, where she served from 2007 to 2008. She then served in the Oregon State Senate from 2008 until her election to the U.S. House in 2012.

On healthcare . . .

"Healthcare is a human right. Too many families are burdened by medical debt or can’t get the care they need. We need affordable, accessible health care for everyone, and all proposals to achieve that, including Medicare for All, must be on the table. In addition, no one should have to choose between putting groceries on the table and paying for medicine, which is why I’m working to lower the cost of prescription drugs."

On the environment . . .

"Despite what some in the Trump administration say, it’s well-established that human activity contributes to climate change. The warming climate and extreme weather events are an increasing threat to our environment, economy, and public health. Congress must take meaningful action to confront climate change and create a clean energy economy."

Plans for Economy

On her campaign website, Suzanne writes, "It’s time to rebuild our economy by rebuilding America. I support a comprehensive infrastructure package that will put Oregonians and Americans back to work building and maintaining roads, bridges, water systems, schools, broadband, and electrical grids. By retrofitting buildings and increasing energy efficiency, we can create more jobs and save energy and money. I am also committed to building the economy by revitalizing American manufacturing and increasing export opportunities for American made goods."

Education Policy

"I’m a strong proponent of public education. . . As a parent volunteer, I saw the devastating consequences of budget cuts." "Going forward, my priorities include: expanding access to high-quality early learning opportunities; addressing resource inequities in K-12 education; developing meaningful assessments and evaluations; taking action to prevent gun violences; and, making college more affordable."

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