Kristy Gnibus ~ U.S. House, District 16

Kristy Gnibus

Kristy is a teacher, cancer survivor, and community leader. She currently teaches at McDowell Intermediate School. She was the first in her family to attend college, and is now completing her dissertation for her PhD. in leadership. Kristy also volunteers her time as a Big Sister and an advocate for women and mental health. Kristy spends her evenings as a bartender and occasionally drivers for Uber in order to make sure she has money for essentials and fun activities with her daughters.

On healthcare . . .

Kristy’s experience with ovarian cancer made her aware of our complicated and bureaucratic health care system. She believes getting sick should not bankrupt a family, that you shouldn't need multiple jobs to afford prescription drugs, and pre-existing conditions should be covered.

On the environment . . .

Kristy wants to transition to a clean-energy economy. She supports creating more sustainable jobs ini her region, such as retrofitting our coastal infrastructure and electric vehicle manufacturing.

Plans for Economy

Christy is fighting to build an economy that works for everyone. She will make sure people earn a liveable wage and create good-paying jobs in her district. She will support local small businesses by expanding economic empowerment zones and job training.

Education Policy

Kristy is committed to helping all students learn in a safe environment, achieve their full potential, and enter a path towards a good-paying job. She plans to support teachers by paying them a competitive salary and benefits, fully fund early childhood education and universal pre-k, and provide access to mental health programs. She also supports efforts to make college affordable, as well as invest in local community colleges and vocational programs.

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