Madeleine Dean ~ U.S. House, District 4

Madeleine Dean

Madeleine began her political career at just 19 years old when she volunteered to campaign for Joe Hoeffel’s reelection to the state legislature- the seat she now holds. After graduating with a law degree, she practiced with the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers and became the executive director. She then opened a small, three-women law practice and served as in-house counsel for her husband’s bicycle business. Madeleine changed course and served as an assistant professor in the English Department at La Salle University. She is an avid writer and contributes to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News, and Patriot News. In the State House, Madeline championed progressive issues like public education, equal rights, access to healthcare, and criminal justice reform.

On healthcare . . .

Madeleine supports universal healthcare. She will make sure that seniors who have paid into our security net have access to Social Security and Medicare as they retire, and work to defend these programs against tax cuts for the wealthy. She is also a strong advocate for safe, quality, reproductive healthcare for women.

On the environment . . .

Madeleine will robustly fund the EPA and other organizations that oversee regulatory practices. She supports rejoining the Paris Agreement and investing in renewable energies.

Plans for Economy

Madeleine wants to modernize our bridges, roads, and transportation systems in order to keep our travelers safe and our economy with the times. She believes workers should be fairly compensated with a $15 minimum wage and supported by organized unions. She also vouches for a tax plan that benefits blue-collar workers and makes the ultra wealthy pay their fair share.

Education Policy

Madeleine is fighting to fully support and fund universal-pre k, K-12, special education, college, and technical training. She also believes in capping interest rates for prospective students and working to help students with debt to refinance at a fair rate.

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