Sarah Hammond ~ U.S. House, District 11

Sarah Hammond

Sarah is a small-town woman with blue-collar roots. She currently serves as the Director of Community Development at the Borough of Spring Grove. Sarah worked as an embroidery operator for three years. She also coaches high school field hockey and track. Sarah also volunteers with Waldos & Company, and was a Parliamentarian with Pennsylvania Young Democrats. She is an experienced political candidate, having run for the Pennsylvania State Senate and Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

On healthcare . . .

“There is no reason that we shouldn’t be investing taxpayer dollars into an all-inclusive healthcare system that covers everything from disability care, addiction treatment, reproductive procedures, mental health care (including therapy), dental care, and end-of-life care. No one should have to choose their bills over the quality of health – nor should they go bankrupt.”

On the environment . . .

“The climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues of my generation. The impact of the climate crisis is stark. It is crucial that we work hard to correct it before it has a devastating impact on our agricultural and trade abilities. Climate change is directly related to many health issues, wildfires, and extinctions today. It is imperative that we take immediate action through the resolutions outlined in the Green New Deal to ensure that we can survive and thrive for generations to come.”

Plans for Economy

“We must invest in our farmers both economically and environmentally by supporting cover cropping and no-till farming. As we begin to feel the impact of recently soured trade deals, we must fight to ensure that our farmers have the resources to thrive for generations to come. . . . I believe that all workers should have the rights and protections provided by collective bargaining that often result in better benefits, fair wages, and safer working conditions. I strongly believe that all workers should receive living wages and will fight to protect labor agreements against those who are working to break them down.”

Education Policy

“We live in a time where our children are actively being prepared for mass shootings in their schools, while being desensitized to the ongoing threat of gun violence on TV.” Sarah is a fierce advocate for common sense gun reform in order to keep our children safe in school.

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