Carmen Yulin Cruz ~ Governor

Carmen Yulin Cruz, or Yulin, as she prefers to be called, rose to international prominence as the Major of San Juan in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria. She advocated relentlessly for the help and dignified care for the people of Puerto Rico. She decided to run for governor to continue that advocacy, saying, “We have to break away from the chains that tie us down in order to have a promising future and break our cycle of poverty.” Her vision of public service is one of governing not for the people, but with the people. Carmen Yulín is an active advocate for equality, fighting for the LGBTT community, the deaf community, and children with functional diversity as well as those who have struggled with gender-based violence. She is also a champion for the rights of immigrants.

“I am an American citizen, but I identify myself as Puerto Rican, so my nation is Puerto Rico,” said Cruz, who champions the right to self-determination for Puerto Ricans.“If the majority of people want free association,” she said, “let it be so. If people want independence, let it be so. If people want statehood, let it be so. Let it be so—but let us decide.” Yulin supports eliminating a controversial federal financial oversight board tasked with managing the Puerto Rico’s finances.

On healthcare . . .

Yulin tweeted, "The time when you realize if health insurance is attached to your employer & you loose [sic] your job and then you think OOHHH I see what @BernieSanders was talking about. Your health care should not be tied to your job because you loose [sic] your job & loose [sic] your ability to stay healthy."

On the environment . . .

After hurricane Maria devastated the island, Yulin explains that unfortunately, “I am no climate change expert, I am a climate change survivor.” She has pointed out the ripple effects of the hurricane on the island - losing 50 million trees means that there is now more urban flooding, housing insecurity, and a growing mental health crisis. T”his isn’t about politics”, she repeatedly said, “this is about saving lives.”

Plans for Economy

Regarding the economy and infrastructure, Yulin Cruz said, "You have to think about how digital technology interacts with each of these needs: transportation, health services, education, water, housing, waste disposal, communications, energy, security, food autonomy, community-driven economic development"

Education Policy

Yulin supports a so-called “Marshall plan” for the island, that would help Puerto Rico pay off its debt and provide additional funding for healthcare, transportation and education. She advocates for Participatory Budgets, wherein the people in each community decide how to best develop sustainable plans for themselves.

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