Melissa Watson ~ U.S. House, District 7

As a single mother, Melissa understands the struggles of working families in South Carolina’s 7th district, and is dedicated to representing their interests in Congress. Melissa has spent her career trying to better her community. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Charleston and a Master’s from the Citadel, she became a High School teacher. In addition to teaching, she is currently working to obtain a Ph.D. and works as a licensed realtor.

On healthcare . . .

“Melissa is going to work across party lines to bring together comprehensive solutions that help save money for our businesses while ensuring our families have the coverage they need to live healthy, happy lives. No one should go bankrupt while trying to stay alive. With the Affordable Care Act turning 10 years old, there are over 20 million Americans who rely on the medical benefits covered under the ACA. The Affordable Care Act was a historic milestone in our country's history. I am proud of the gains we have made with ACA. I am not willing to take that away, but I am willing to improve it.” “I won't stop fighting for women's reproductive health. Women should be allowed to make decisions about their own bodies with the help of their doctors. Period. No one else not even the US government should interfere with those decisions.”

On the environment . . .

“Melissa knows that our multi-billion dollar tourism and agriculture industries rely heavily on the environment to protect our jobs and drive our economy. That's why it is critical that we protect our coastal waterways and ensure our farmers have the nontoxic soil they need to keep their crops healthy and growing.” “Melissa will continue to fight for tax credits for companies and tax payers that invest in solar technology. Solar technology helps to take some of the stress off of our overloaded electrical grids while providing new power sources. Solar power provides clean energy.”

Plans for Economy

“We must raise the minimum wage in this country so that the working class can continue to work with dignity and support their families… In Congress, Melissa will work across party lines, build coalitions and help drive economic development throughout the district, bringing in new companies and better opportunities for our middle class families and neighbors to thrive.” “Melissa will work to diversify our economy and grow small businesses. She knows that a strong economy is one where people can find careers in various fields not just a few. She will work to bring clean green jobs, tech companies, and other fields to South Carolina. Melissa will continue to work to make sure that minorities in SC are not left out of the American dream. She will fight for more small business loans for minorities.” “With our infrastructure crumbling around us, the area has become less desirable for both newcomers and those who already live here. An investment in our infrastructure is an investment in the growth and sustainability of our region, and we must prioritize it if we are going to thrive.”

Education Policy

“The success of our students, families and communities requires that we work toward continually improving and adapting our educational system to the workforce needs. As a National Board certified teacher, Melissa knows you cannot have the best education without the best teachers. She will be a strong ally toward ensuring our educational system is fully funded and our teachers are receiving the the resources, support and compensation they deserve… She will also fight for more federal funding to fix dilapidated, outdated schools. She will work to secure tax credits for businesses that create partnerships with local schools to help local schools provide the services and technology they otherwise could not afford.”

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