Blair Walsingham ~ U.S. House, District 1

"I am committed to putting people before politics. Endorsed by key community and national organizations, including Humanity First Party, Black Coffee Justice, and Income Movement, I am an Air Force veteran, outdoorswoman, small business owner and mother who has been named a Gun Sense Candidate by Moms Demand Action. My campaign is laser-focused on helping the 1st District survive today and thrive tomorrow through policies built on compassion, personal freedom and common-sense data driven solutions. I walk the walk. I value our traditions, our rights, and contend that true leaders seek to build coalitions of compassion, not walls of divisiveness. In order to balance the effects of big money in politics I am committed to lifting every American out of the despair that arises when faced with economic insecurity. I look forward to the day when the American dream is not just a dream, but a reality made possible by a Universal Basic Income paid to every citizen as a dividend of the wealth generated by the labor of our ancestors, incredible gains in technology and automation, and the buying and selling of our personal data by private companies."

On healthcare . . .

On her campaign website, Balir writes, "healthcare is a human right. Healthier, happier people create a healthier, happier society. I will support legislation that enables all Americans to access healthcare, including treatment of mental and emotional challenges. I will support legislation that helps rural hospitals stay alive so medical services are within reach of all. I will advocate for increased telemedicine so non-urgent medical concerns can be tended to in an accessible and affordable manner."

On the environment . . .

Blairs primary policy ideas related to the Environment include: 1.) protect public land and water; 2.) end plastic pollution; 3.) sustainable energy production; and 4.) support for Independent Farmers

Plans for Economy

Blair believes that "Universal Basic Income not only changes lives but saves lives. Despite living in the richest country in the history of the world, millions of Americans still can’t cover their basic needs. To ensure that every citizen has access to the abundance of our nation, I will work in Congress to establish a Universal Basic Income of $1000 a month for every American adult."

Education Policy

Blair outlines a few policy ideas related to Education. One of these includes "support a family’s choice of education for their children, but not at the expense of the public schools that we are obliged to provide. [She] will support legislation that works to reduce energy costs, and use savings to increase educational programs that lead to high quality vocational and special education opportunities."

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