Marquita Bradshaw ~ U.S. Senate

Marquita Bradshaw was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She attended the University of Memphis for undergraduate study. She entered politics because she believes that policies should be based on common sense and ensure that hardworking families have healthy and safe places to live, learn, work, worship, and recreate. She is a leader that understands how to serve people out of crisis moving forward into an age of prosperity, ingenuity, and creativity.

On healthcare . . .

Marquita believes that "a vital component of the economy that works for hardworking families is Healthcare. Marquiata wants healthcare that is patient-centered, accessible, and affordable by all.

On the environment . . .

Marquita understands that areas with the worst environmental polluters also have the sickest populations. The areas require healthcare facilities that recognize and specialize in treating environmentally-induced diseases, including lead exposure.

Plans for Economy

Marquita wants an economy that works for everyone. She wants to ensure living wages that sustain families, and create cost of a living formula that’s data driven and doesn’t rely on congress for a final vote.

Education Policy

Due to an ever-changing economy, "society demand[s] lifelong learning and re-skilling to keep up." Marquita believes that we "must support creativity and ingenuity for every child pre-K-12 in order for them to succeed."

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