Carol Iannuzzi ~ U.S. House, District 26

Carol was born in Texas and went on to receive a degree in Accounting from Rutgers University. She has spent a majority of her professional career in the energy and technology industries. Carol’s passion for activism stemmed from her father, who was involved in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Since his passing, she has been a Democratic Precinct Chair and spends her time advocating for her constituents. In Congress, Carol promises to strongly support Medicare and Social Security. She also plans to support legislation focused on tax reform, mental health, climate change, human rights and student debt.

On healthcare . . .

“I will support expansion of healthcare markets through an option that allows Americans to buy in to Medicare.” Carol is extremely passionate about providing strong health care options for her constituents. She also supports lowering the costs of prescription drug prices.

On the environment . . .

“As your representative in Congress, I will support policies that promote public and private investment to encourage innovation in developing clean and renewable sources of energy - such as wind and solar.” Carol believes the best way to stop harmful gas emissions is through investing in clean energy. She supports rejoining the Paris Climate Accords and other international efforts to reduce climate change.

Plans for Economy

“Increasing automation has dramatically changed the workforce needs of the modern American economy.” Carol supports investing in vocational training for high schools and community colleges along with developing apprenticeship programs. She also believes in tax breaks for small businesses.

Education Policy

“As a daughter of retired high school teachers and a parent, I understand many of the concerns or issues with public education from both perspectives -- students and educators.” Carol understands that investing in early childhood education is extremely important. She also supports making it easier for graduates to pay off their student loan debts.

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