Gina Ortiz Jones ~ U.S. House, District 23

Gina earned two bachelor’s degrees and an Masters in Economics. Following the completion of her studies, she entered the U.S. Air Force as an Intelligence Officer, shouldering the additional burden of serving under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell alongside thousands of other LGBTQ military personnel.

On healthcare . . .

Gina will fight to expand access to health care and bring down prescription drug costs, or someone who doesn’t understand that too many families are just one medical emergency away from years of financial hardship or bankruptcy.

On the environment . . .

Per, Gina "understands that climate change is a threat to our national and economic security, as well as public health, and in Congress, she will fight for action to address the climate crisis. Gina Ortiz Jones is endorsed by LCV Action Fund."

Plans for Economy

"In Congress, Gina will make creating good-paying jobs in Texas her number one priority — focusing on investing in small businesses to put Texas at the forefront of job creation and innovation. Gina will protect and create the economic opportunities needed to ensure we have a strong and growing middle class."

Education Policy

"In Congress, Gina will fight to ensure every Texas student has access to a first-class public school education and the resources they need. Gina’s high school had a graduation rate of less than 60 percent. This is too common in Texas, and we must do better."

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