Julie Oliver ~ U.S. House, District 25

"Julie grew up in a Texas working class family. Because of her own family’s struggles, she understands the challenges that families face to maintain decent housing, health care and steady work. Julie herself faced significant hardships: she dropped out of school, lived in abandoned buildings and became pregnant at age 17. She completed high school, college and law school and then began a career in health care finance and public accounting. She was
appointed to the Austin City Council to serve on the board of Central Health. Most of Julie’s
career has been spent advocating for health care, so when Congress came after health care, she knew she had to run for office."

On healthcare . . .

“Every single American should be able to see a doctor when they’re sick, afford the prescriptions they need, have the freedom to avoid medical debt, and to be well enough to live to their full potential.“ Julie supports Medicare for All. She also supports a woman’s right to choose and repealing the Hyde Amendment. Julie also plans to work towards combating the
maternal mortality crisis facing women of color.

On the environment . . .

“In order to mobilize against the existential threat of catastrophic climate change,
we need to transition our economy to carbon-free, 100% renewable energy, and invest in our
communities for a more sustainable, just society.” Julie plans to support legislation that aims to
get the U.S. using carbon-free, 100% renewable energy by 2035. She also supports eliminating
emissions from the power sector in the next 10-15 years.

Plans for Economy

“We should foster investment in public education, jobs, healthcare, and infrastructure to revitalize rural Texas communities, and level the playing field for Texas farmers, ranchers, and farm workers.“ If elected to Congress, Julie is committed to upgrading
infrastructure such as water systems, bridges and highways and modernizing our schools. She also will encourage businesses to keep jobs local instead of outsourcing to foreign countries.

Education Policy

“It is time for our country to treat world-class public higher education, including trade school, as a fundamental right. Every student, regardless of their background or skin color,
deserves a fair shot at success and a life free from student loan debt.“ Julie is committed to
eliminating all existing student loan debt in our country. She also plans to address racial
disparities in higher education and support investment in HBCUs.

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