Lisa Welch ~ U.S. House, District 12

Lisa Welch was born in Midland, Texas. She earned a B.S. in secondary science education from the University of Wyoming in May 1989, an M.S. in biology from Texas Tech University in 2003, an M.S. in cell physiology and molecular biophysics from the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in 2010, and a Ph.D. in reproductive physiology from Texas Tech University in 2010. Her professional experience includes working as a college professor. Welch is affiliated with the Society of College Science Teachers, TCCTA, the Texas Democratic Party, the Tarrant County Democratic Women's Club, and Texas Democratic Women. She has also served as the Weatherford College representative for Texas Women in Higher Education, as a member of the Humans Anatomy and Physiology Society, as a member of the National Science Teachers Association, and as a member of the National Association of Biology Teachers.

On healthcare . . .

Lisa wants to improve the training offered to healthcare professionals, expand public health education, increase pay for healthcare professionals, and make broadband available across all of the United States so that all Americans are connected to allow doctors to reach patients during periods of shelter in place.

On the environment . . .

Per her campaign website, Lisa explains that she wants to create a "humanity and environmental impact rating (HEIR)", using this to create a fee for higher HEIR producers, reenter the Paris Climate Accord, enact the Green New Deal, transition the economy to
renewable energy, improve fuel efficiency, invest in research and development, and run a low-waste campaign.

Plans for Economy

Lisa hasn't made a public statement regarding her plans for the economy. Once this becomes available, we'll update her profile.

Education Policy

Lisa wants increase teach pay, decrease class size, increase funding, expand access for students who need morning and afternoon meals, increase school social services.

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