Lulu Seikaly ~ U.S. House, District 3

"Helane “Lulu” Seikaly is a proud first-generation American - the daughter of a pediatric specialist and a Registered Nurse who fled civil war from their native Lebanon. Raised in North Texas, Lulu wants to ensure that every American has the opportunity to succeed just like her family did here." Lulu attended SMU, then attended South Texas College of Law. "As an attorney working with cities , Lulu has worked to keep violent police officers off our streets.Whether she’s working on discrimination and and harassment matters or holding bad cops accountable, Lulu is driven by a commitment to give back to her community."

On healthcare . . .

On her campaign website, Lulu writes, "Access to quality, affordable health care is a right, and I won’t be afraid to stand up to the big insurance and drug companies to make sure all Americans can realize that right. We should be increasing competition and lowering costs by creating a public option that allows any American to buy into Medicare." She wants to prioritize "universal prenatal care and family planning services, so that every child, regardless of their parents' income, has the strongest start possible."

On the environment . . .

"Climate change is our greatest threat — but also presents the greatest economic opportunity of our time.

We have a basic responsibility to leave a better world for our kids and grandkids and we can no longer ignore the strange and severe weather that is putting that future at risk.

I will support strong action to combat climate change, move our country to clean energy like wind and solar, and protect the air we breathe and the water we drink."

Plans for Economy

Lulu believes Texas needs work "to reduce the burden on middle class families while making sure that big corporations and millionaires pay their fair share"; ensure "that people have incomes that keep up with the cost of living by supporting a higher minimum wage"; and we "must protect social security and medicare so that our seniors can retire with dignity-- and preserve those programs for future generations."

Education Policy

"Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential." She sees that "educators are deeply undervalued . . . when we know they are some of our most hard working and important public servants. Meanwhile, higher education is either out of reach or saddling young people with mountains of debt." If Lulu wins in November, she will make "college affordable by pushing colleges and universities to rethink the way they think and do business"; "Supporting our public schools and teachers with the resources, tools, and public accountability needed to offer all children the opportunity to earn a first-rate, public education", and "modernize our education system for the 21st century".

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