Sylvia Garcia ~ U.S. House, District 29

Sylvia Garcia was a Freshman Congresswomen when she assumed office in January 2019. Prior to her assuming office, Sylvia has been a life-long public servant. She is a former member of the Texas State Senate, representing District 6 from 2013 to 2018; she was director and presiding judge of the Houston Municipal System; a Houston city controller; and was elected to the Harris County Commissioner's Court. She's been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America, the Houston Chronicle, League of Conservation Voters and Emily's List.

On healthcare . . .

"Health insurance is essential to a productive, healthy society. I’ve fought my entire career to ensure that Texans who go without insurance have a place to go when they are sick, because when they do not, they frequently end up in emergency rooms. Emergency rooms are where care is the costliest, and where people go when they are the sickest. I’ve worked as a County Commissioner to expand local community clinics and as a State Senator appealing to state leaders to expand Medicaid in our State. Now, I’m ready to take that fight to Washington, and I will work tirelessly at the federal level as I did at the state and local level to ensure all Texans have access to quality healthcare. I will fight for Medicare for All."

On the environment . . .

"Today, we must embrace the challenge of combating climate change and saving our planet for future generations, while also meeting current energy demands and ensuring a stable economy. Everyone, whether individuals or businesses, has a stake in the environment and our national economy, and she rejects any false argument that dictates a choice between the two. Rather, we must demand both a healthy, safe environment and sound, good paying jobs."

Plans for Economy

"We must recognize the reality that maintaining long-term economic growth, protecting the jobs our children will hold, and remaining competitive on the global stage, requires making investments today in the clean energy technology of tomorrow. In Congress, she is continuing to work with her colleagues to get us on a path toward both resolving the climate crisis and safeguarding economic growth now and in the future."

Education Policy

"As a State Senator, she fought for the state legislature to sufficiently invest in Texas public schools, including teacher and staff salaries. She also adamantly stood with retired teachers to reform the retired teacher pension system and she continues these goals in Congress. Then and now, the Congresswoman has supported implementing trauma-informed methods of school discipline and improving upon existing school discipline measures, specifically those that disproportionately target students of color, students with disabilities, and English-language learners."

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