Wendy Davis ~ U.S. House, District 21

As a state senator, Davis received national attention after filibustering an abortion bill. In 2014, she ran as the Democrats' gubernatorial nominee, against the current sitting Republican Governor, Greg Abbott. After becoming a teen mom, she went from community college to TCU to Harvard Law School. She's a fighter and she's demonstrated a sincere interest in fighting for the best interests of all Texans. On her campaign website, she writes, "I think about Texans who are working two jobs and still can’t seem to make ends meet. And those who worry not only about their children getting a quality education, but who also worry whether they’ll be safe in school. I think of all the Texans who have worked their whole lives, only now to wonder whether they can ever retire."

On healthcare . . .

On her campaign website, Wendy writes that, if elected, she plans to:​ 1.) create a public option to create competition in the insurance marketplace; 2.) allow Medicare to use its muscle to negotiate the cost of Rx drug prices; 3.) Increase the number of rural health centers and rural insurance plans; 4.) expand the number of families who receive tax breaks to pay for their plans; 5.) Expand the use of telemedicine; 6.) Increase the focus on preventative care.

On the environment . . .

"Climate change is a crisis that poses an existential threat to the United States and the world. Anyone who isn’t urgently working to address it is failing our responsibility to our kids and grandkids. When I think about the world we are leaving for my grandchildren to inherit, I feel an extraordinary commitment to them. I want to be able to tell them that I did my part to assure they will live in a world that can sustain their children and grandchildren."

Plans for Economy

On her campaign website, Wendy presents her platform for the future. She writes, "We need someone fighting every single day to create an economy that works for all of us, one that’s thinks about a family’s budget, equity and justice." Her priorities include: pass a $15 dollar an hour federal minimum wage; support the Paycheck Fairness Act; pass strong paid sick leave legislation, offer tax relief and increase access to credit for Texas small businesses; invest in good paying clean energy jobs and infrastructure.

Education Policy

Wendy is "running for Congress to be a voice for parents, students and children. [She] was privileged to serve as a member of the Texas Senate’s Public Education Committee, and [she] was proud to fight against cuts to our public schools and to fight for the needs of our students. [She] will be that same partner in our nation’s Capitol, working every day to create the opportunities that our children and grandchildren deserve."

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