Rebecca Holcombe ~ Governor

Rebecca began her career in outdoor education, and eventually became a high school and middle school teacher, then a principal, then a district leader. She went on to serve as the Vermont Secretary of Education, where she worked to promote equity across regions and for all students. As Secretary, Rebecca worked to ensure transgender and undocumented students had the same freedom as their peers. She also implemented Act 46, which was a set of tools that helped districts struggling with high costs, diminishing enrollment, growing inequity, and loss of opportunity. Rebecca also used the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act to support Vermont’s vision for school quality.

On healthcare . . .

Healthcare: “As your governor, I will confront out of control costs of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and strengthen coordination across state government to make sure critical services from mental health support, to child care, to public health services can be provided in more cost-effective and community-friendly ways”

On the environment . . .

“Climate change is here. Renewable energy is our future. As your governor, I will refocus our current public investments to move us out of our fossil-fuel dependence, and into a sustainable, green energy future, support innovation in green technologies and markets that build community wealth, including in our rural counties, and ensure equity of opportunity across regions and protect low and moderate income Vermonters in the transition.”

Plans for Economy

Our people are our most important asset. Skilled workers have higher wages. Although we spend a lot on workforce development, we don’t always get as much as we could for the investments we make. As your governor, I will coordinate the efforts necessary to ensure every child gets a strong start, can be part of a good community school, and has good care so that parents are able to work, make sure Vermonters can access post-secondary opportunities and credentials that prepare them for high wage jobs in our high-growth economic sectors, including in the trades, and support unions, because unions support wage equity and safe workplaces.

Education Policy

“Education is one of the most important investments we make. When we make sure every child grows up healthy and capable, the whole state gains the benefit of their strong hands and able minds. When we have strong schools, we end up with workers who can make us prosperous and contribute to the civic lives of our communities. If you want to determine the strength of a community, look at its public school.”

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