Jennifer Wexton ~ U.S. House, District 10

On healthcare . . .

“Jennifer believes that access to affordable healthcare is a right for all Americans...She has fought for a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and to more easily access reproductive, family planning, and contraception services. She has also been a champion for mental health reform and combating the heroin and opioid crisis in Virginia.” “She supports allowing the Federal government to negotiate prescription drug prices to help keep healthcare prices under control. Jennifer also believes Congress should devote greater funding resources to expanding access to affordable healthcare, improving our mental health system, expanding innovative medical research, and helping to combat addiction.”

On the environment . . .

“Jennifer believes we need to be good stewards of the environment and that we must protect our land, air, and water for our children and future generations. Climate change and sea level rise are real threats to Virginia and our nation, and Jennifer knows we must take active steps to address them.” ”In Congress, she will continue the fight to combat climate change, oppose drilling off Virginia’s coast, adhere to the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Accord, and protect our natural resources, public lands, and waters.”

A native of the Washington area, Jennifer has served the people of Northern Virginia and the Shenandoah valley for nearly two decades as an advocate, prosecutor, state senator, and now Congresswoman representing Virginia’s 10th district. Jennifer graduated from the University of Maryland before earning her law degree from the College of William and Mary. As the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudoun County, she committed herself to public service, prosecuting hundreds of trials. In private practice, she served as a court-appointed guardian, representing children who had been abused or neglected. In her career as a legislator, Jennifer has remained committed to protecting her community by supporting bipartisan legislation to make children safer, combat the opioid epidemic, and increase access to affordable healthcare.

Plans for Economy

“Jennifer believes that making investments in our workforce is a key to growing our economy. As our state and our nation evolve from an industrial to a technology-based economy, our workers must be prepared for the jobs of the future, not those of the past. Jennifer supports increased investments in career and vocational training, and retraining for those who have been displaced from the workforce.” “ In Congress, Jennifer will support increasing wages and salaries, establishing paid family and medical leave programs nationwide, revitalizing America’s middle-class, protecting and expanding workers’ rights, making affordable housing more accessible to Americans, reining in Wall Street, and supporting America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.” “She supports a full-scale investment in new green infrastructure that will create millions of good paying jobs.”

Education Policy

“Jennifer believes strongly that every Virginian deserves a high-quality public education from their first day of pre-k to their college graduation....Jennifer is proud of the quality and standing of Virginia’s public colleges and universities, but she knows college tuition is too high, and often a college degree is out of reach or leaves students with crippling debt.” ”She will remain a dedicated advocate for improving educational access and resources for low-income students and children with disabilities. Jennifer will also support policies that raise teachers’ pay and benefits, promote STEM courses and careers, and incentivize career and technical training.”

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