Beth Doglio ~ U.S. House, District 10

"Throughout her career, Beth has worked for a thriving, sustainable, just and compassionate future for all. In Congress, she will be a champion for working families, seniors, veterans, and our environment – bringing years of advocacy and activism to a political system in need of new and energetic collaborative leadership.

Serving in the Legislature since 2017, Beth is one of Washington’s foremost leaders on the environment, housing, gun safety, and issues facing working families. She has helped lead the passage of groundbreaking legislation to empower workers through higher wages and improved protections; to make Washington a leader in the fight against climate change; and to provide more resources to address homelessness."

On healthcare . . .

"Healthcare is a human right – and one’s quality of care and access to treatment shouldn’t be determined by their ability to pay. I think the ultimate answer is a Medicare for All system, . . . With streamlined systems to ensure lower costs, it would maintain quality and expand access, all while bringing costs down nationwide." "Women’s health must also be a top priority. . . While some states work to take away any access to safe reproductive health services, I will be an unwavering voice in Congress for protecting choice nationwide."

On the environment . . .

On her campaign website, Beth writes, "I’ve spent much of my career in the environmental space – and I’ve seen firsthand how elected officials . . .have ignored climate change." "Enough is enough." If elected, [she] I will put forward bold legislation to create a robust clean energy economy, drastically reduce our carbon emissions, hold big polluters accountable, and prioritize environmental justice".

Plans for Economy

Beth wants to bring Washington state ideas to Washington, D.C. She supports increasing the minimum wage federally; "eliminating the pay gap, ensuring pay equity, and ending workplace sexual harassment"; reform labor laws; and work toward a national family and medical leave program.

Education Policy

"In Congress, like in the State Legislature, I’ll be a strong advocate for investments in public education and the students and educators who make up our schools. We need to put more funding into STEM and arts programs . . . And, just like we have in Washington, let’s raise educator salaries nationwide, and then work to recruit and retain the best educators possible in every neighborhood in America. We need the ethnic and gender diversity in our educators that our student populations have, and I support programs designed to bring more diversity into the education field."

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