Carolyn Long ~ U.S. House, District 3

When Carolyn was in 7th grade and her family was opening up their small business --John’s Fresh Produce -- her father fell ill, so she left school to help her mother open the farm stand and get things up and running. Throughout her childhood, she would continue working in the store after school and during the summers to keep helping her family run the business. When she decided to pursue a college education, she worked at Safeway to cover the costs of tuition and became a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555. Following college, Carolyn worked at WSU Vancouver for 25 years as a professor. She is dedicated to helping young people get the opportunities and skills they need to succeed. At WSU Vancouver, Carolyn started the Initiative for Public Deliberation -- an initiative focused on facilitating civil discussions around polarizing topics. Her teaching experience and past work will help her bring people together around tough issues and make smart, informed decisions in Congress.

On healthcare . . .

“Health care costs continue to increase for Americans. Unfortunately health care in the US has turned into a political game – except people are suffering and dying while Washington D.C. does nothing but play politics.” Carolyn believes that all Americans deserve affordable health care. In Congress, Carolyn will work to repair the Affordable Care Act and protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

On the environment . . .

“Climate Change is real and it is a human-caused crisis that requires immediate action.” Carolyn believes in working towards finding renewable energy sources to help future generations. In Congress, she will support restoring the EPA and the Department of the Interior to help combat climate issues. She will also strive to pass legislation that protects our water and air.

Plans for Economy

“We need to ensure we are working towards a strong economy by investing and providing family-wage jobs. This means higher wages for workers, paid sick leave and family leave.” Carolyn is committed to working on tax-cuts to small businesses and fighting for equal pay. She is also committed to fixing infrastructure because she sees it as an investment in our communities.

Education Policy

“As an educator for over 24 years, I know first-hand the importance and value of a high-quality public education.” Carolyn understands that communities depend on a well-educated workforce. In Congress, she will work to support every community so that every child has the same opportunities. She also understands that college is not for everyone and supports expanding apprenticeship and internship opportunities.

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