Kristine Reeves ~ U.S. House, District 10

"Kristine grew up the daughter of a single mother who struggled with substance abuse and relied heavily on social services including Head Start and food stamps. In and out of foster care and even homeless at points in her childhood, Kristine’s journey to elected state representative, a Director of Economic Development in the Commerce Department, and happily married mother of two children is a testimony to the value of public education and the critical investment of public-school educators in transforming her life and helping her break the cycle of poverty." "Kristine has long served this district and is specially suited for the unique needs that come with its large military presence." "Kristine would be the first African American elected to Congress from Washington state and the first Latina in the Democratic Delegation."

On healthcare . . .

Kristine believes "passionately that health care is a right for every American, not a privilege. [She has] spent much of my life with no health insurance coverage, and have a pre-existing health condition in diabetes that makes me acutely aware of, and like so many Americans, uniquely vulnerable to Republican attacks that seek to deny health care coverage. [She] believes we need to move as quickly as possible toward universal health care coverage and to do everything possible to make health care and prescription drugs more affordable. [She'll] build on the Affordable Care Act to make sure everyone has the opportunity to buy into Medicare if they so choose. Creating a public option will force insurance companies to compete, lowering health care costs for everyone."

On the environment . . .

She believes "America must take a leadership role in addressing climate change, not only to protect ourselves from threats like hurricanes and wildfires that increasingly threaten our daily lives and resources, but because we must take advantage of the economic opportunity that exists to be a leader in the creation of clean energy jobs and the next generation of economic innovation.

[She] will be a leader in Congress in raising the profile of, and fighting for solutions to, the climate crisis. I will bring credibility and experience to the fight that comes from my experience as a legislator at the forefront of elevating this crisis in the national dialogue and crafting innovative solutions to address the threat."

Plans for Economy

On her campaign website, Kristine writes, "As someone who was raised in poverty, cycled in foster homes and was even homeless for a time, helping those in need is personal for me. I am not another lawyer or another multi-millionaire, but Congress already has lots of those. Instead, I bring a unique perspective in that I understand what it means to struggle under tough circumstances, and that inspires my unwavering commitment to helping others struggling through tough times like these. I am committed to fighting every day to make sure that hard-working families never slip through the cracks."

Education Policy

"Every student in America deserves to have a quality public school in their community, and educators who can afford to live in the community they teach, so that we can prepare the next generation to succeed – no matter their ZIP code.

[She has] fought for educators and for key investments that have strengthened the path to opportunity in our state – the biggest teacher salary increases in the nation, largest-ever expansion of early childhood education, and linking tens of thousands of students with apprenticeships and on-the-job training."

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