Suzan DelBene ~ U.S. House, District 1

Suzan began her career at Microsoft and spent 12 years serving at the executive level. She then held two other successful technology roles at the executive level for and the startup company Nimble Technology. The desire to help others drove Suzan to seek public office. She was appointed Director of the Washington State Department of Revenue, which paved the way for her election to Congress. In Congress, Suzan has worked tirelessly and used her technology background to reform outdated technology laws and rein in government related surveillance programs. She has also introduced legislation to make college more affordable, address climate change, expand public lands protection and protect Social Security. Suzan has been representing Washington’s First Congressional District since 2012 and remains a key leader on issues of technology, health and agriculture.

On healthcare . . .

Suzan writes that “we cannot go back to the days when someone could be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition or when you could be charged more for coverage for simply being a woman. That’s why I’ve voted against each and every attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.” Suzan will continue to work towards making sure all Americans have access to affordable, quality health care. She feels health care reform needs to be a continuing conversation. In the past, she has introduced legislation to expand the small business tax credit to help small businesses cover their workers.

On the environment . . .

She believes that “we must work towards policies to keep our air and water clean, and manage our water responsibly as it is critical for wildlife habitat, our local farms and generating the electricity that powers our economy. I believe strongly that climate change is not just a challenge we must tackle to avert disaster, but that it is an opportunity to build a new clean energy economy and preserve our quality of life.” Suzan has introduced and passed legislation protecting public lands. She believes her district can be a leader in the green economy.

Plans for Economy

Suzan believes that “we must build an economy that works for everyone, where prosperity is widely shared and everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. Investing in our transportation infrastructure is how we keep our economy moving. Billions of dollars of freight and goods move through our region, as do hundreds of thousands of workers.” Suzan has supported bills that invested money into transportation funding because she believes infrastructure is the backbone of our economy.

Education Policy

Suzan will fight for policies that strengthen our education system focused on closing the achievement gap, raising standards and giving our teachers the support they deserve to help ensure that every child gets the opportunity to reach their full potential.” Suzan believes in keeping the costs of college tuition low and increasing tuition aid for middle class families to ensure everyone gets the education they deserve. She helped to secure $200 million in job-training funds to help low-income individuals.

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