Cathy Kunkel ~ U.S. House, District 2

Kunkel earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Princeton University in 2006 and a certificate of advanced study in physics from Cambridge University. Her professional career includes working as an energy policy analyst between 2010 and 2019.

On healthcare . . .

No family should have to worry about affording a doctor when someone is sick. Cathy supports going beyond the Affordable Care Act, funding for public health, medical debt forgiveness, protecting and fully funding the Veterans Health Administration, and enforcing anti-trust laws to break up large drug monopolies

On the environment . . .

Cathy will fight for federal resources to ensure that no WV worker is left behind as our country transitions to a clean energy economy. She believes that West Virginia has the resources in the richest country in the world to ensure that no one loses a day’s pay, or a dime of their pension. She will put people to work for a prevailing wage rebuilding our drinking water infrastructure, reclaiming old mine sites and growing other sectors of our economy, including tourism and agriculture that depend on clean water and clean air.

Plans for Economy

Cathy believes the West Virginia must end the decades-old pattern of out-of-state corporations coming to West Virginia to extract wealth from our state and exploit our people. Cathy wants to bring in public and private investment to build up local businesses that will reinvest in the local economy and create living wage jobs. She wants to demand federal investment in the infrastructure needed to grow diverse sectors of our economy, including tourism, farming, forestry and manufacturing. In addition, West Virginia must grow federal research funding as our chemical, energy and automotive industries innovate in response to the challenges of climate change and a changing economy.

Education Policy

Cathy believes that every family deserves that their child can get a good public education, one that provides skills, builds on innate talent and creates citizens capable of succeeding anywhere in the world. She wants West Virginia to be good enough that highly talented kids choose to stay – to raise families, create healthy businesses and build communities right here at home.

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