Hillary Turner ~ U.S. House, District 3

Hilary Turner was born in Monroe, Louisiana. She obtained an undergraduate degree from the University of West Florida in August 2011. As of 2020, her professional experience includes working as a teacher, a licensed massage therapist, and a certified yoga teacher. She is affiliated with the West Virginia Can't Wait movement and the Huntington Tenants Union. On her campaign website, Hillary writes, "I am running for office as a part of a larger grassroots movement called West Virginia Can't Wait, that is saying no to corporate cash. I'm proud to have signed the West Virginia Can't Wait pledge. We are organizing and uniting the people, so that together we can achieve what seems impossible. We can break the legacy of corruption, and create a legacy of empowerment.
The time is now to rise up!"

On healthcare . . .

In the richest country on earth, there is no reason that anyone should die from the lack of ability to pay for a drug or medical bill. It's time that we join the rest of the developed world and prioritize healthcare as a right. I support a single payer, medicare-for-all system that will cut out the insurance companies as the middle man, which will save billions in overhead costs, so that we can focus on providing quality and preventative care to everyone.

On the environment . . .

It is imperative that we leave a livable planet behind to future generations. Young people are facing climate catastrophe in our lifetimes. I will fight to pass strong climate actions such as the Green New Deal, and strong protection for our water sources. I will oppose fracking, pipelines, and the toxic Appalachian Storage Hub. Investment in the clean energy sector as well as hemp and regenerative farming can restore West Virginia's economy while fighting climate change.

Plans for Economy

Hillary wants to create a just and sustainable economy that values the people as well as the Earth while fighting climate change by investing in clean energy, in our communities, in our small farmers, and in our students and education.

Education Policy

Hillary worked in education, and has seen the flaws of our system. Hillary knows what it's like to be underpaid as a teacher and can relate to working families who are struggling to make ends meet.

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