Paula Jean Swearengin ~ U.S. Senate

A coal miner’s daughter and granddaughter, Paula Jean Swearengin has been fighting for a better West Virginia and our West Virginia values for decades. In 2018, she ran against an incumbent U.S. Senator in the Democratic Primary and received the highest number of primary votes against an incumbent U.S. Senator in 75 years. She's running to restore economic opportunity for our entire Appalachian community, make Medicare for All a reality and bring our progressive values to the U.S. Senate. She's featured in the new political documentary, "Knock Down the House" which was released by Netflix at the beginning of May 2020.

On healthcare . . .

Health care is a human right, plain and simple. People shouldn’t have to rely on Emergency Rooms as their primary care providers. No family should have to pay more than their mortgage or housing to pay for their monthly insurance bills. And, no one should put off their own care to avoid outrageous deductibles.

On the environment . . .

We can learn from successes we see in other states. In Ohio, they’ve grown a clean energy market that’s helped create tens of thousands of jobs. Kentucky has fostered a burgeoning hemp and marijuana industry, both of which will result in massive revenue for the state and job opportunities for its citizens.

Plans for Economy

Paula writes that she will expand opportunities for growth and development. Workers and their families should never have to move out of the state to find good-paying and stable employment. We must take immediate steps to invest in updating and modernizing our roadways, bridges and water systems.

Education Policy

Education and economic development go hand in hand. Our communities need great and well-paid teachers, doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs. As the world evolves to become more technologically advanced, Paula Jean believes that West Virginia can do more than just keep pace, we can lead the charge.

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