Women Running in Wyoming

Significance of State

Wyoming Democrats moved to a hybrid primary-caucus model, allowing registered Democrats to submit ballots in advance of or on caucus day. This move encourages more of the party’s registrants to be engaged in the election process, whose schedules may otherwise prevent caucus participation.  Wyoming is a strongly conservative state, with the last election of democratic senator in 1970. However, Wyoming’s April 17th Democratic Caucus drew a historic number of Democratic voters. 

Merav Ben David ~ U.S. Senate

With the retirement of incumbent Republican Mike Enzi, this is the first election for a U.S. Senate seat in Wyoming since 1996. Ben David faces many Democratic challengers in the August 18th Primary, including Yana Ludwig. If she wins the Party nomination, she'll face one of the many Republicans running for this open seat. All three of the major news outlets have rated this seat as safe or solid Republican.

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