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Adrienne Bell: A Leader and a Motivator

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Who Is She?

Adrienne Bell (TX-14) grew up in Houston area. She is currently an elementary public school teacher for the largest school district in Texas. Adrienne is also an avid activist and community organizer. During the Obama campaign, she worked as an Organizing for America (OFA) organizer. She later became the Deputy Field Director with Battleground Texas and Wendy Davis for Governor. In this position, she trained and mentored fellows and volunteers. She also led the field team in the Houston/Gulf Coast area as they worked to expand the voter electorate. After the election, Adrienne plans to continue to pursue her EdD (Doctorate in Education).

How has your background in campaigning inspired and equipped you to run for Congress?

Adrienne Bell: “I became aware of the power of community organizing as a Fellow with the Obama 2012 Campaign. There I learned about community outreach and the ideas that the work we were involved in was bigger than a campaign, it was identifying, training, and coaching neighborhood leaders and building teams that were able to advocate for issues that would strengthen the community.”

What is your leadership style, and how will you use it to unite our divided polity after the election? Further, what common issues and core beliefs do you believe Texans and Americans are ready to rally around together?

Adrienne Bell: “My style as a leader is to lead, motivate, with multiple experiences working with individuals of diverse backgrounds. My Congressional office will be committed to serving our constituents with efficiency, planning and accountability. We will rally together as Americans, our strength is in our unity.”

What Is She Fighting For?

Adrienne is a fierce advocate for the progressive movement. She believes our federal government needs a fresh perspective in order to pass truly transformative policies. Adrienne plans to uplift the American people by providing universal health care, high quality public education, and financial stability. As a community activist, she has been on the frontline in the fight for investment in infrastructure and new industry.

What are the key voter concerns in your district, and how do you plan to address them?

Adrienne Bell: “The top 3 areas of concern in our district are economy/jobs, healthcare, and education. We can create clean energy jobs while tackling the climate crisis, and put people to work building our clean energy future. This should be at the core of our economic policy.

I am a supporter of Medicare for All. Healthcare should be treated as a right, and everyone afforded good healthcare for themselves and their families.

As a public school teacher, I understand that education is important for our society. A quality education should not be based on a person’s zip code, but we must build an educational system that is equitable for all.”

Why Her?

Adrienne is running to represent Texas’s 14th congressional district, a solid/safe Red race. She is challenging Republican incumbent Randy Weber. Adrienne first ran against Weber in 2018, where she won 39.3% of the vote (over 92,000 votes). Her win would help Democrats strengthen their majority in Congress. Adrienne’s win would further solidify Democrats’ increasing momentum in the Lonestar State, and prove that this once solidly Red state is increasingly purple and progressive. She would also be the first woman and first person of color to represent TX-14, giving a voice to the nearly half minorities/people of color in the district.

The upcoming election will test if what Democrats hope and Republicans fear is true; once-safe Red states like Texas are increasingly progressive and purple. In 2018, Democrats flipped two congressional seats and twelve Texas House seats blue. The 2020 elections will determine if this Democratic momentum will withstand, and hopefully prove that Republicans no longer have a strong hold on Texas. Given the current political climate in Texas and elsewhere, why might traditionally Republican voters be ready to vote for you?

Adrienne Bell: “My focus is on the people and our future and will work with other legislators to enact laws that bring economic stability to our communities, debt free education, clean air and energy, healthcare for everyone and criminal justice reform. Our district is ready for real leadership that will be accountable to the people and not bought out by special interest groups or big money.”

What is the current state of your race, and how do you envision your path to victory?

Adrienne Bell: “Our path to victory is through the people who have been ignored in this polarized landscape. My opponent lacks leadership, as evidenced in the poor handling of COVID19, the housing crisis, the loss of economic stability by many families, and the voting against many bills which would have benefited the hard working people of this district will come to an end in November. The people deserve real representation that will advocate for their needs and the needs of their families.”

How Can I Support Her?

If you would like to support or learn more about Adrienne, please visit:

Adrienne's Campaign Website



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