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Business Bro Trump - A Failure and a Tax Cheat

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

This week The New York Times revealed that President Trump only paid $750 in income taxes both his first and last year in the White House (1). On top of that, in the last 15 years, 10 of which, he paid NO income taxes at all (1). Trump claims to be a millionaire with assets in many places, so how can this be? Regular American citizens pay more in income taxes than that!! The people are livid. It is becoming clearer by the day (or the scandal) who Trump really is.

Photo: Charles Deluvio/Unsplash

Trump supporters think that Donald Trump is smart because he got away with paying less money in order to make more profit. But this is not the case. Cutting corners is not usually a good idea in life, and Trump tried to go around the law. And, let’s be clear: Trump is a mean, selfish con man. He is not “finding loopholes”, he is committing tax evasion and paying his employees poorly in order to make more money for his own personal gain. He is not a hard worker, he takes advantage of people who are.

The truth of the matter is that Trump is doing all he can to make more money because he actually has no money. He was able to avoid paying his taxes because he is actually losing more money than he is making... In essence he is claiming that he literally cannot afford to pay the taxes in his tax bracket, making him a failed businessman. He has filed for bankruptcy six times over the last 30 years (2). It has become evident that when Trump himself tries to run the business, it goes south, just like his Presidency. People who’ve worked with him or around him have known this for years and it’s either been pushed under the rug or excuses have been made for him.

Trump has done all he can to keep his taxes hidden and his loses a secret because he knew that they would ruin him. His success is how he defines himself. He used the media to create his brand image for decades in order to paint the picture that he is a wealthy and “successful” businessman. He gained a great deal of income from his briefly popular show The Apprentice but wasted it all in his failing golf courses and casinos (3). His supporters thought he would bring his business success to the Presidency and to the American economy. But what they didn’t know was that Trump is actually in hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and that he is truly struggling financially. Had his supporters known this I don’t think they would have been such die hard fans.

Guatam Krishnan/Unsplash

The Washington Post revealed that when Trump was on the verge of personal bankruptcy for in the 1990s he attempted to swindle his siblings out of their inheritance by deceiving his own father into changing the will. His father at the time was 85-years-old and struggling with dementia (4). If that doesn’t persuade you of Trump’s true character, I don’t know what will.

I implore you to think about who Donald J. Trump really is. He does not want to be President for the good of the people or to actually make America great. He just wants to postpone the inevitable. Michael Bromwich, former inspector general of the Department of Justice said,

“Trump knew something we didn't when he started balking at the peaceful transfer of power. If he loses the election, he faces federal and state prosecution for bank fraud, tax fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud, as does his entire family. No OLC memo will spare him” (5).

If this wasn’t true, Trump would have already released his tax returns to prove it, and he would actually have solid policies and a platform for his campaign. However, he has not, and does not, because he is continuing to bank solely on his popularity as a successful businessman to earn him another win.

I read this quote from We the Urban today that said, “your mistakes do not define you, how you respond to them does”(6). Trump is a coward who won’t own up to his mistakes. He not only did a lot of terrible things for money and personal gain, but has also hidden it and is continuing to act like he is the best businessman and President America has seen. In contrast, Biden and Harris both just released their tax returns before the first Presidential Debate to show where they stand and how they are responsible citizens (7).

Jon Tyson/Unsplash

When you go to the poles this November picture the real Donald J. Trump. The liar, the fraud, the man who tried to con his own father into changing his will, and the man who continues to spread hate through our country. He is not a man that should represent America, and he is most certainly not the man to lead it.


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