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Where Does $750 Get You in Donald Trump’s America? Spoiler Alert: Not Far.

On Sunday, the New York Times released the first in a series of articles based on Donald Trump’s tax information from the last 20 years. One key revelation: in 2016, the year he was elected, our president and first lady paid a grand total of $750 in personal taxes. Reminder, Trump is reported to be a billionaire worth $2.5 billion (2). To put this in perspective, Joe and Jill Biden paid $1.5 million in 2016, and $3.7 million in taxes in 2017, according to Newsweek (2). Just saying.

Out of context, $750 is still a substantial amount of money (to most Americans)-- let’s see what $750 can (and can’t) get you in Donald Trump’s America.

(Trigger warning: #3 references sexual assault)

1. A night in a “junior suite” at Trump Hotel in Washington D.C.? Nope.

That’s $1456 to us commoners and $1238 for Trump Card Members (3). However, if you are the Secret Service staying in a cottage at Mar A Lago to protect our Liar in Chief, you (the taxpayers) are billed $650 a night (4). So you can (and had to) afford that!

2. A year of being diabetic in the U.S.? Also no.

According to the American Diabetes Association, the average person with diabetes spends about $9601 a year on diabetes-related “medical expenditures” (5). Out of pocket.

3. Legal defense after being sexually assaulted by President Trump? No, $750 won’t cut it here either.

Years after suing Donald Trump in 1997 for sexually assaulting her, Jill Harth hired high-profile lawyer Lisa Bloom to represent her as she tried to live a normal life (6, 7). While we do not know exactly how much Ms. Bloom charges Ms. Harth per hour, we do know that Lisa Bloom also defended Harvey Weinstein last year, and the Guardian reports that she charged him $895 an hour, plus a $50,000 retainer (8).

4. Childcare for one month in Trump’s home state, New York? Not even close.

The Economic Policy Institute rings up one month of childcare in New York at a whopping average of $1030 a month (9). Infant care is an average of $1283 a month (9). Not that Trump would know anything about taking care of children - he has proudly proclaimed he had nothing to do with raising his own.

5. A month’s worth of food and groceries in NYC? Yes! $750 can get you there - barely.

The average household in New York city spends $725.50 on food and groceries each month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Surveys (10). But let’s remember, The Donald paid $750 for one year of taxes - multiply the average spent on groceries per month by New Yorkers and you’ve got a mammoth total of $8,706 each year spent by New Yorkers on food and groceries! Yikes!

6. OK, how about a bedazzled “Trump Bling Clutch”?? You are in luck!

The very tasteful and not at all gaudy “Trump Bling Clutch” comes in at a cool $550, available under the “shop” section of Mar A Lago’s website, and even in three colors (11). Happy shopping!

Image from Trump Store


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